---Bowler: Jason Koontz, 30, of Hanover.

---Latest bowling accom plishment: Rolled an 805 series at Hanover Bowling Centre. It was his first career 800 series.

---I started bowling: At Hanover Bowling Centre 15 years ago.

---Bowler I have learned the most from: Adam Baer.

---Best bowling advice I ever received: Be patient.

---PBA bowler I enjoy watching: Robert Smith.

---Most memorable bowling moment: Missing my first 300 by leaving the 10-pin.

---Part of my game I'm working on improving: Being patient.

---Advice I would give to someone just starting to bowl: Give it time. Success doesn't happen overnight.

---Non-bowlers don't real ize: How difficult bowling is.

---Future goal: Roll a 300 game.

---Note: Hanover Bowling Centre plays host to the York Area Handicap Doubles Bonanza at 1 p.m., Sunday, March 3. Bowlers will compete using a best-ball format. The entry fee is $45 per team. One in four team will cash.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Propri etors Association. To nominate a bowler, send an email to bowlerof theweek@gmail.com.