---Bowler: Kasey Stonefield, 18, of Wrightsville.

---Latest bowling accom plishment: Rolled a career-high 583 series at East Lincoln Lanes.

---I started bowling: Five years ago.

---Bowler I have learned the most from: Bill Eyler.

---Best bowling advice I ever received: Take your time and concentrate.

---PBA bowler I enjoy watching: Pete Weber.

---Part of my game I'm working on improving: My approach.

---Bowling appeals to me because: I get to meet new people and it's fun.

---Advice I would give someone just starting to bowl: Believe in yourself.

---The toughest part about bowling is: Picking up splits.

---Future goals: Roll a 600 series, a 300 game and compete in some tournaments.

---Note: East Lincoln Lanes plays host to the Senior Championship at 2 p.m., Saturday, March 9, and 10 a.m., Sunday, March 10. Six games of qualifying in two age groups (50-59 and 60 plus) will be held on Saturday. A total of 16 bowlers will advance to the finals. The first round of finals is the best of three with remaining rounds being single elimination. The entry fee is $65. First place is worth $500, based on 36 entries.

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