For the first time in 12 years, someone, other than Jim Kohr or Craig Diehl, will win the York-City County Tennis Tournament Men's Singles title.

Neither man is entered in this year's draw for the 2013 tournament which is scheduled to begin Friday at Farquhar Park.

Kohr, who also did not play in last year's tournament due to a family vacation, is the all-time leader in singles championships with 16. Diehl is third on the list with 11 crowns, one behind Dr. Gil Rothrock.

Brian Nachtigall, who captured the 2001 title, was the last player, other than Kohr or Diehl to prevail in Men's Singles.

Diehl is going to play in this year's Men's Doubles with Jeff Clark. His son, Elliot, is entered in Men's Singles.

"Jim's not going to play, Craig's not going to play, it's wide open for everyone," tournament director Phil Myers said.

Jared Howat, a teaching professional at Bent Creek Country Club in Lancaster County (Lititz), is the No. 1-seeded player this year.

Howat lost in the Men's Singles semifinals two years ago to Jeff Clark. Howat teamed with Christina Grimaldi to win the Mixed Doubles title the same year.

"Jared is a (United States Tennis Association) 5.0 player," Myers said. "He's a good player and is the favorite, but you never know, anything can happen on any given day."

Myers, along with running the tournament, will play in it. The runnerup to Diehl last year, he's seeded second in Men's Singles.


The other seeded players are: Nathan Gambino, No. 3; Jason Phillips, No. 4; Phil Plank, No. 5, and David Pottle, No. 6.

While Men's Singles attracted 21 players, just one player signed up for Women's Singles, according to Myers who's in his first year as tournament director. As a result, there will be no Women's Singles play for the first time since 1998.

The Women's Singles draws have been extremely small in recent years with just three players competing in round-robin format last year.

"Women's Singles, I put a ton of time in on it, but it did not pay off," Myers said.

"Hopefully, we can attract more women players in the future. Maybe this just isn't the year."

Myers said that having a Web site with registration online "helped immensely" in the other draws.

"We're up in numbers (compared to last year) in Men's Singles, Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles."

Myers grew up playing at Farquhar Park and knows the storied history of the City-County Tournament which is in its 93rd year.

"The tournament has a time-honored legacy," he said. "I want the players to come out, have a good time and want to come back.

The tournament schedule calls for matches all weekend with the final set for early in the coming week.