By the slimmest of margins, the principals of the York-Adams League rejected a proposal to change the format of high school tennis matches.

During their winter meeting at York Tech, the principals voted, 9-8, against switching from the long-standing 5-2 format to a 3-2 format for league matches. A second vote was taken for girls' tennis (the first one was for boys' tennis) and the proposal to switch was again shot down, 12-6.

The 5-2 format features five singles matches and two doubles matches. The same players who compete in singles may also play in doubles.

The 3-2 format calls for three singles matches and two doubles matches. Players are not allowed to repeat appearances, meaning if a player competes in singles, he or she may not play in doubles.

Both District 3 and the PIAA use the 3-2 format in their team tournaments. The 3-2 format is also used by the Mid-Penn Conference, while the Lancaster-Lebanon League employs a 4-3 format.

Proponents of bringing the 3-2 format to the York-Adams League feel it would cut down on the amount of class time that players miss. The proposal called for a starting time of 4 p.m. rather than the current 3:30 p.m. start. Under the 3-2 format, matches generally don't take as long, since the three singles and two doubles matches can be played at the same time.

Opponents of switching to the 3-2 format feel the change would be a hardship on smaller schools, which don't have as many players.


A minimum of seven players is needed for the 3-2 format, while only five are needed for the 5-2 format.

The point was also raised that the league should take an across-the-board look at the issue of lost class time, rather than focusing on just one sport.

Whether the format change will be brought up again in the future remains to be seen. For right now, though, the York-Adams League is sticking with the 5-2 format.

Bermudian Springs, Central York, Delone Catholic, Hanover, Littlestown, New Oxford, Northeastern, South Western and York Catholic voted against switching to a 3-2 format for boys' tennis. The schools in favor of the change were: Biglerville, Dallastown, Dover, Red Lion, Spring Grove, Susquehannock, West York and York Suburban.

On the vote pertaining to girls' tennis, Bermudian Springs, Central York, Delone Catholic, Hanover, Kennard-Dale, Littlestown, New Oxford, Northeastern, Red Lion, South Western, Susquehannock and York Catholic were opposed to changing formats. Biglerville, Dallastown, Dover, Spring Grove, West York and York Suburban were in favor of the change.

In other league news, Delone Catholic's petiton to join the boys' lacrosse league was approved. The league is currently made up of 12 schools: Central York, Dallastown, Spring Grove, Red Lion, South Western, New Oxford, West York, Kennard-Dale, Susquehannock, Eastern York, York Catholic and York Suburban.

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