Penn State football attendance dropped again this past season, but the Nittany Lions are still ranked among the top five nationally in home attendance, according to the NCAA.

It's the 23rd consecutive season that Penn State has been ranked among the top five in home attendance among the 123 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions, according to the 2013 NCAA attendance survey.

Led by a sellout crowd of 107,884 for the prime-time win over Michigan, the Nittany Lions drew a total of 676,112 fans, an average of 96,587 per game.

That number is a drop of 143 fans per game (996 total, 0.1 percent) compared to the 2012 average of 96,730.

PSU football attendance has been on a slow decline for a number of years. It reached its peak at 108,917 in 2007.

Penn State saw the overall attendance for its four Big Ten home games this past season increase by 10,573 from 2012, an average of 2,643 per game. The Senior Day overtime clash against Nebraska drew 98,517, the second-largest crowd of the season. The combined attendance for the last two games of the 2013 season (Purdue and Nebraska) was 195,008, an increase of 11,145 (5,573 avg.) compared to the final two games of the 2012 season.

Sixteen of the top 25 average home attendance leaders from the 2012 season also saw a decline in their average attendance in 2013, including the top five schools. Penn State's average difference of 143 fans was the smallest decline among the 16 schools. Seven of top 10 attendance leaders from 2012 saw a decline in their average home attendance this past season.