Northeastern 187 3 — 19 18 1

York Suburban 101 0 — 2 5 1

NE: Shimkus and Blymire; YS: Mowrey, Myers and Stein, Schaffer; WP: Shimkus; LP: Mowrey; 2B: NE, Ely 2, Reeser, Qualters, Skehan; 3B: NE, Blymire; HR: NE, Sprenkle.

York Tech002000x262

H: Trish and Sheaffer; YT: Mathew Rossi and Justin Nell; WP: Trish; LP: Rossi; 2B: H, Trish; 3B: H, Trish.


S: Walton, Thomas (6) and Keys; DT: Hamberger, Deardorff (5) and Somverville; WP: Walton; LP: Hamberger.

Red Lion110001003101
South Western10001101450

RL: B. Taylor, Urey (5) and Landis; SW: Kelch, Raubenstine (6) and Monahan; WP: Raubenstine; LP: Urey; 2B: RL, B. Taylor, Godfrey. SW, Taylor; HR: SW, Francis.


York Catholic10500039101
Delone Catholic0010000172

YC: Bohn, Krevetski (5) and Mills; DC: Ames, Golanoski (3), Kint (3) and Roth;. WP: Bohn; LP: Ames; 2B: YC, Bohn, Clement, Haney; HR: YC, Krevetski.

Spring Grove0000100161

SG: Brooks and D. Hoiles; CY: Wagner, Sepic (2) and Kroeger; WP: Sepic; LP: Brooks; 2B: CY, Sepic, Crum.

Mount Calvary3000300643

MCC: Wolfe, Shannon (5) and Ogilivie; F: Stone, Sachs (6) and Ford; WP: Wolfe; LP: Stone; 2B: F, Kletz, Sachs.

West York0200301682
New Oxford1000300451

WY: Fries, Traettino (5) and Bixler; NO: Lippy, Duble (5), Kibler (7) and Chesney; WP: Fries; LP: Lippy; 2B: WY, Santiago.


York Catholic000022
Delone Catholic4(12)x16101

YC: Ricks, Fix (2) and Nigro; DC: K. Laughman and King; WP: K. Laughman; LP: Ricks; 2B: DC, K. Laughman, Rider; HR: DC, Holcomb (3).


S: Lynch, Staub (6) and Yoakum; DO: Gohn and Blauser; WP: Gohn; LP: Staub; 2B: SQ, Shockey. DO, Gohn; 3B: SQ, Staub.

New Oxford1000002343

DT: Merriman and Hartman; NO: Peck and Smith; WP: Merriman; LP: Peck; 2B: DT, H. Anders; 3B: DT, Grant (2).

West York0111001461

WY: Michael, Shipley (3) and Weaver; L: Schroeder, Somers (7) and Lanahan; WP: Schroeder; LP: Michael; 2B: WY, Weaver. L, Price 2, Dews; 3B: L, Skillman.

York Tech460013x14102

H: Daley and Albright; YT: McWilliams and Rice; WP: McWilliams; LP: Daley; 2B: H, Albright (2). YT, Tolley.

Central York0003400790
Eastern York002000x284

CY: Resh and Dziwis; EY: Arnold, Duraski (6) and Kalke; WP: Resh; LP: Arnold; HR: CY, Rohrbaugh.

Red Lion2000306011123
South Western2010305112131

RL: Schultz, Steinhoff (6), Dewees and Montgomery; SW: Toomey, Fleming (7) and Savino; WP: Fleming; LP: Dewees; 2B: RL, Gould, Posey; HR: RL, Schultz. SW, Fleming, Toomey.

York Suburban01240120010175
Spring Grove02161000111116

YS: Eytcheson and Turybury; SG: Jacoby and Cornman; WP: Jacoby; LP: Cornman; 2B: SG, Jacoby, Wivell; 3B: SG, Norton; HR: SG, Cornman.


Dallastown 3 3 1 2 — 9

Central York 0 1 3 2 — 6

Goals: Dt, Ierley 3, Gold 2, Gurreri 2, Haines, Kvasnovsky. CY, C.George 2, Desenberg 2, G.George, Hartzell; Assists: Dt, Kvasnovsky 2, Lohss; Saves: Dt, Marks 6, Walker 5, Hinkle 5.


York Catholic8614

Goals: YC, Givens 3, Gabriele 3, Bilyeu 3, China 3, Biederman, Robbins. KD, Day 5, Livezy 2, Dressel 2, Bracey 2, Cryser; Assists: YC, Moore, Ingram, Mazzur. KD, Dressel 2, Biederman 2, Zimmerman, Bracey; Saves: YC, Shellenberger 8. KD, Deaver 9.