There are many, myself included, who have written that this year was a "storybook season" for Fred Rahmer and the Rob Sell Racing Team.

If that is indeed the case, then perhaps Saturday was the start of the sequel.

Rahmer drove his last race on Oct. 20 at Lincoln Speedway. He ended his final season as the champion at Williams Grove, Lincoln and on the overall Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central Pennsylvania sprint-car circuit. He also won his first Williams Grove National Open and the $50,000 that went with it.

But, the local season wasn't quite over on Oct. 20. There were still a few races to go. Rahmer was done, just as he had said he would be, but the season wasn't.

This year Rahmer drove for Rob Sell's team. It was a ride put together for many reasons. One was that Rahmer, while ready to retire, didn't want to go out with the season he had in 2012. That season wasn't up to the lofty standards everyone had come to expect from the man they call "Fast Freddie." The other major reason was that the ride in Sell's car was open because Sell's regular driver, his son Derek, was beginning his first year at Penn State.

The Sells felt that with the major work load Derek had taken on at Penn State, he needed time to concentrate on his studies. Now Derek is in his second year at Penn State, and he's settled into the environment there. Much of the summer he spent working as a crew member on the car he had been driving.


Since Rahmer retired before the season was completed, it was the perfect opportunity for Derek Sell to climb back behind the wheel of his father's race car. His first shot at the ride was in Williams Grove's Fall Fest.

That race lineup is based on a driver's season points. While the Sell car had won the championship, the driver hadn't raced at all this year. The Grove management wisely allowed Sell to start the race as a provisional. He started last in the 25-car field. He finished 11th that night.

Saturday at Susquehanna, Sell took his second ride of the season. In time trials, he was sixth quickest. The top six in time trials were locked into the feature, and would be inverted. Derek Sell would start from the pole position.

He led every lap, if not every inch of the race. Logan Schuchart closed on Sell in the waning laps, and pulled off the perfect slider on the final turn. Schuchart led off the last turn, but Sell shot to the bottom of the track and edged just in front of Schuchart at the finish line. The win was worth $10,010.

When Rob Sell relocated his family from Arizona to Pennsylvania in 2009, it was so that Derek would have some opportunities. One was the chance to go to Penn State, while not being too far from the family. The other was so that Derek could learn to race sprint cars with the best in the business.

Looks like both things have happened. Not only did Derek get to race with the best, but last Saturday he beat them, with his father's team. That included the whole team. Rahmer was pitside Saturday working with the team, and perhaps offering a bit of expert advise.

Has the sequel started?


OVERALL POINTS: The local season has now ended, and Rahmer will be crowned the Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central Pennsylvania champion at the York County Racing Club's Hall of Fame Banquet on Jan. 4.

Rahmer won the season-long series with seven wins and 61 top-10 finishes in the 66 races he competed in.

All told, a driver could have raced 76 times this season. The Speedway Motors series offers points to drivers with a top-10 finish in any local event, with a total purse in excess of $10,000. This year, 93 drivers earned points, while 33 drivers earned wins.

Greg Hodnett finished second after winning the title for the past four years. Hodnett ended the season with eight wins and 52 top-10 finishes.

It should be noted that only Rahmer or Hodnett has won the overall title in the past 11 years. Add third-place finisher Lance Dewease to the mix, and that number stretches to 18 years.

Dewease finished the year with just one win on the Speedway Motors circuit, but 58 top-10 finishes. Dewease won twice outside the area this year.

Nine-time winner Brian Montieth ranked fourth with 40 top 10s, and Brent Marks completed the top five with five wins and 52 top 10s.

YCRC: The York County Racing Club will host a general membership meeting on Wednesday evening at the club hall in Zions View. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

Overall 358 sprint-car champion Austin Hogue will be the guest speaker. Hogue, who lives in Manchester, won't have far to go to make the meeting.

The YCRC will be busy in the coming weeks as well. After the membership meeting, there is a Christmas party at the club hall on Sunday, Dec. 8.

Then Jan. 4 is the annual Hall of Fame Banquet. Six new members will be added to the Hall of Fame and several special awards will be presented. Rahmer will receive his award as the Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil champion, and new this year, Hogue will be presented his 358 Sprint Series award as well.

Third-generation driver Ryan Blaney will be the guest speaker.

LINCOLN BANQUET: Lincoln Speedway will host its awards banquet on Saturday evening at the Holiday Inn in West York.

Bryan Householder writes about dirt-track racing for The York Dispatch. He can be reached at






Presented by Hoseheads

(Wins listed in parenthesis)


  1. Fred Rahmer (7)1,603

  2. Greg Hodnett (8)1,380

  3. Lance Dewease (1)1,271

  4. Brian Montieth (9)1,158

  5. Brent Marks (5)1,147

  6. Danny Dietrich (6)1,022

  7. Alan Krimes (5)1,013

  8. Logan Schuchart (5)913

  9. Blane Heimbach (5)778

10. Chad Layton (5)741

11. Donnie Kreitz Jr. (7)610

12. Cory Haas (1)519

13. Adam Wilt (1)502

14. Rick Lafferty (4)493

15. Jim Siegel (2)488

16. Mike Wagner (2)427

17. Doug Esh (2)385

18. Steve Buckwalter (1)375

19. Stevie Smith (1)374

20. Pat Cannon (1)342

21. Dylan Cisney (1)341

22. Ryan Smith328

23. Mike Erdley250

24. Brian Leppo241

25. Billy Dietrich (1)235

26. Danny Lasoski (1)213

27. Ryan Taylor (1)193

28. Donny Schatz (2)190

29. J.J. Grasso (1)184

30. Mark Smith165

31. Jacob Allen155

32. Davey Sammons154

32. Tim Shaffer154

34. Keith Kauffman151

35. Kyle Moody149

36. Gerard McIntyre Jr.147

37. Sam Hafertepe Jr. (1)145

38. Dave Blaney (2)130

39. Daryn Pittman126

40. Aaron Ott (1)103

41. Robbie Kendall102

42. Glenndon Forsythe (1)100

43. Lucas Wolfe (1)95

44. Cliff Brian86

45. Tim Glatfelter84

45. T.J. Stutts84

47. Dale Blaney79

48. Nate Snyder77

49. Justin Barger75

49. Sammy Swindell75

51. Brad Sweet73

52. Paul McMahan71

53. Joey Hershey68

54. Criag Dollansky66

55. Brock Zearfoss64

56. Cole Duncan (1)60

56. Steve Owings60

56. Tony Stewart60

59. Rodney Westhafer56

60. Derek Sell (1)50

60. Cap Henry50

62. Jack Sodeman Jr.49

63. Scott Geesey48

64. Jason Sides48

65. Jason Leffler44

66. Tim Kaeding43

67. Ryan Bohlke41

68. Danny Holtgraver40

69. James McFadden35

70. Curt Stroup34

71. Ryan Wilson32

72. Joey Saldana30

73. Daryl Stimeling28

73. Jac Haudenschild28

75. Kyle Reinhardt26

75. Kraig Kinser26

77. Todd Rittenhouse Jr.25

78. Hunter Mackison18

78. Bob Bennett18

80. Brady Bacon16

80. Curt Michael16

82. Dave Ely14

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