I voted for Scott Perry in 2006. He's an accomplished overachiever and is to be commended for his military service. However, over the last six years, Perry and his party have lost my vote because they've done little for the people I care about both professionally and personally.

I ask: What has he done for the woman I visited in a mobile home park in New Oxford who only took her medicine every third day because that is all she could afford? What about the retired couple in his township who are close to losing their homes because of property taxes? They are not worried about where they can shoot someone to protect their castle. They are going to lose their castle. What about the Dover Township parents, both working minimum wage jobs but who can't afford dental care for their two children? These folks matter to me.

Where is pension reform? Property tax reform? Term limits?From what I have read, Harry Perkinson is a man of integrity. He will get my vote because I cannot be my "brother's keeper" by voting for a career politician whose campaign has been largely financed by special interests and millionaires.

Carol Myers

East Berlin