1. Obama promised to cut our national debt in half. He added $6 trillion. Every household owes $ 54,000.

2. Taxes are up, income is down.

3. Gas prices have doubled. Grocery prices are up. Housing values have plummeted.

4. U.S. credit rating has been lowered.

5. Cutting $700 million from Medicare will reduce payments to Medicare doctors.

6. 47 percent are on assistance. We are paying welfare recipients with cash, cell phones, rent, heating assistance, food stamps, free health care and now we hear Internet connection?

7. 23 Million people are unemployed. Regulations strap businesses.

8. The Middle East is on fire. Obama doesn't have time to personally speak to U.N. members. What leadership?

9. Obama has been driving us apart with his class warfare.

10. Where are Obama's plans to save Social Security?

11.Obama has rebuked our oil, gas and coal industry. We should be self-sufficient and selling the excess.

12. Our morals, values and standards have deteriorated. He endorses gay marriage and abortion. He ignores laws and bypasses Congress and the Constitution with executive orders.

13. Do not give Obama another term.

Sandra Ioos

York Twp.