Harry Perkinson, the Democratic candidate for the 4th Congressional District, deserves not just your open-minded consideration of his candidacy. He deserves your vote.

A vote for Harry is a vote to help ensure Republicans in Congress won't be able to voucherize Medicare. It's a vote to ensure Republicans won't end health insurance coverage for those with a pre-existing condition, and it's a vote to ensure numerous preventive services will continue to be offered at no cost. All are features of Obamacare, legislation that Scott Perry would vote to repeal.

A vote for Harry is a vote to inject some common sense into a Tea Party Congress that has embraced intervention into our bedrooms but wants Wall Street to be free of oversight, that sees socialism behind equality of opportunity and political opportunity behind their obstructionism.

Vote for Perkinson as a reminder to Republicans that their 1 percent political agenda has not worked for the 99 percent and that the 47 percent of Americans whom Romney accuses of being deadbeats are actually way too smart to return to the bad old days of horse and sparrow economics.

Judith Krieger