I am writing to urge every voter in the 4th Congressional District to vote for Harry Perkinson.

Perkinson is a very strong candidate. He has the knowledge, the experience and the integrity to be a great congressman. Harry is an engineer; he is not a career politician. We need to change the dynamics in Congress with new, capable leaders like him.

I am a mother, a grandmother and I've worked for over 40 years. Instead of moving forward, the Republicans, including Perkinson's opponent, want to take us back to the 1960s.

Before Medicare, millions of seniors lived in poverty without access to medical care. The availability of contraception and access to affordable health care from providers like Planned Parenthood have enabled women to succeed in the work place and have lifted millions of families out of poverty.

Perkinson supports women's rights, equal pay for equal work, Planned Parenthood and access to safe, affordable health care for women. Perkinson will fight to protect Medicare from being converted into a voucher system that will cost seniors more. The choice is clear: We need Harry Perkinson to represent us in Congress.

Kathleen L. Rauhauser