Thumbs up: To the men and women who have served our country and who were honored Sunday on Veterans Day.

Among the weekend observances all over York County was the official unveiling of the Fallen Heroes Memorial at Prospect Hill Cemetery in York City.

The 10-foot-by-12-foot, black granite monument features a kiosk that shows images -- on a rotating basis -- of soldiers who died. The kiosk includes information about the soldiers' births, deaths, hometowns and places of service.

The public is invited to explore the new kiosk that features family-submitted photos showing the soldiers growing up, having fun times with loved ones, or doing their favorite activities.

"This memorial gives families an opportunity to tell the world about the person they sacrificed," said Jack Sommer, the cemetery's managing partner.

To add U.S. soldiers' names, information and photographs to the cemetery's new digital Fallen Heroes Memorial kiosk, email the cemetery at

Thumbs up: It wasn't the record-smashing figure originally reported, but the 68 percent voter turnout on Election Day in York County was still a big improvement over the most recent election.

Just 14 percent of those eligible to cast ballots did so in 2009. No, that wasn't a presidential election, which attracts more voters than midterms, but Tuesday's turnout was even greater the 66 percent draw for the John McCain-Barack Obama race four years ago.


The York County Elections and Voter Registration Office at first reported an eye-popping 82 percent turnout, but it later revised that figure down.

Nikki Suchanic, who heads the department, because the number of registered voters was too low, a "hiccup" made because the number of voters needed to be manually updated after the primary election and it never was.

Still, as Bob Wilson, chairman of the York County Republican Party, said, anything above a 50 percent turnout is considered good.

So, well done.

Let's hope that enthusiasm carries into the 2014 midterm elections.