It has occurred again. I was extolling the virtues of the Nov. 2 First Friday in downtown York. The person I was speaking to looked like she had sucked on a lemon.

She stated that she would never go to downtown York. Yet, I have seen her there for Strand events. She said that it is unsafe. I do believe she is from another age. I assured her that it is no more unsafe than other places, especially when there are crowds of people present and it is not 3 a.m. and the street lights are on.

This attitude is so unsettling to me.

The First Friday on Nov. 2 filled my heart and soul with beautiful artwork. The new Marketplace Artworks on Philadelphia Street across from Central Market had just opened and some of the very best local artists were present and accounted for. And believe me, we have excellent artists here in York. First class. If you would go and see, you would believe.

The other art event was an opening of an exhibit at CityArts on West Philadelphia Street. This is a beautiful gallery space and the exhibit was eclectic and first class.

If you were on vacation and came across this kind of friendly, artful, quaint and delightful panorama, you would spend hours visiting the shops, boutiques and galleries. You would visit the specialty food shops. You would spend a lot of time in Central Market.

All you need to do here is go downtown.

I visited with friends, had a delightful dinner at one of the excellent restaurants. When I left and went home, my soul was satisfied with beautiful images, great company and the feeling that I have a huge amount of pride in my local community.


Ya gotta' go. Downtown York is happening.

Judy Orcutt

Spring Garden Twp.