You know who you are.

You're the tech-savvy person who had a little too much time on your hands last week -- or at least enough time to write some code and hijack The York Dispatch's weekly Web poll.

Please understand -- we have never pretended these polls are in any way scientific.

They're not.

The questions are simply a way for our readers to weigh in on current events, if they care to. The results, for what anyone feels they're worth, are shared here every Monday.

During a good week, perhaps a couple of hundred readers will register their votes.

We initially thought last week was going to be a very good week, when the question about Todd Platts' qualifications to be a York County judge garnered 600 responses on Monday and grew to several thousand on Thursday.

A funny thing happened overnight Thursday into Friday -- about 14,000 votes were recorded.

That's funny because the total traffic on our site during that time was a fraction of that, meaning every single visitor would have had to vote in our poll multiple times.

All night long. (Every vote is time-


By the time we pulled the plug on the poll Friday morning, when it was clear the results were meaningless, there were more than 16,000 responses.