Kingsfoil frontman Jordan Davis admits "pretty much every single song on the new album is personal in some way to me," but he's reluctant to spoil listeners' experience by revealing too many details.

"I don't like to go to into detail with the personal lyrics mainly because I want people to interpret the song in their own way without me labeling it before they hear it," he writes in a recent email interview. But he's willing to divulge a little more information than that.

"I wrote this song called 'American Veins,' which starts the record and is about traveling," he writes. "I really love that song."

And even though Davis is the band's primary songwriter, the finished album -- "A Beating Heart Is a Bleeding Heart" -- was a bit surprising.

"The whole record is a little dark, which I didn't even realize till it was finished," he writes.

The band: The 26-year-old York City resident works in retail and roofing to pay the bills, but music is his passion. Davis and buddy Tristan Martin (on guitar and keyboards) launched the independent pop-rock band about five years ago; its current makeup also includes Tim Warren on bass and newest member Frankie Muniz (yes, he of "Malcolm in the Middle" fame) on drums. Muniz joined the band in the spring and fit right in, Davis writes.

"It always takes time to get to know each other, but from the start we felt like we all clicked," Davis writes. "We really feel like things are coming together with this new record. All four of us have been working super hard and we will push each other, which is great."

The music, the bandmates and the fans are what it's all about for Kingsfoil.

"There is no better feeling than knowing that somebody gets your music and is moved by it in some way," Davis writes. "I feel so lucky that people connect with our songs or that it helped them get through something. ... That's the best feeling ever."

Busy time: The band will launch the new album, out this week, with a show at the Chameleon in Lancaster on Saturday.

"I feel so lucky that things are going so well," Davis writes. "I've found that you can't take a single thing for granted when it comes to the music business. ... The better things go for Kingsfoil, the more I want to prove to people we belong there by working harder and making sure our fans and friends know how thankful we are for their support."

When the push for the new album slows, though, Davis looks forward to getting back into songwriting mode and crafting even more music for the fans.

"Lately we have been so busy with getting the new album ready that I haven't written any new songs," he writes. "That being said, a whole song came into my head recently -- so when things settle down, I'm going to sit down and get it out of my head!"

New album, concert

Kingsfoil's newest album, "A Beating Heart Is a Bleeding Heart," is available now.

The band will hold a CD release party and concert for all ages at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, in the Chameleon Club, 223 N. Water St., Lancaster. The show will also feature Darry Miller and The Veil, Sinclarity, Last Scene in Reno and Jesse Baker.

"A lot of our shows at the Chameleon have been a blast," says Kingsfoil frontman Jordan Davis. "I want to connect and play our music for as many people as we can."

Tickets are $10-$13.

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For more information about the show, or to get tickets, call (717) 299-9684 or visit

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