Agood or catchy title can't redeem a bad show,   movie or book. But it

can get your attention.

Sometimes an uninspired title, like that of NBC's new drama "Chicago Fire," is an indication of a less-than-memorable viewing experience. Other times a bad or outrage-

ous title is the only thing you remember about a terrible show. The 1996 UPN comedy "Homeboys in Outer Space" was canceled 15 years ago, but the ridiculous title still makes me laugh.

In this spirit, let's consider the new comedy "Dog With a Blog" (9:40 p.m., Disney, TV-PG) premiering tonight and rejoining the schedule on Nov. 4 at 8 p.m.

"Dog" concerns two grating stepsiblings, goody two-shoes Avery (G. Hannelius) and her dim, would-be "player" stepbrother, Tyler (Blake Michael). She's loud, bossy and precocious; he's an amalgam of every stoner/slacker/skater cliche ever broadcast. They bicker constantly until Tyler's dad and Avery's stepdad, Bennett (Regan Burns), gets them a dog, Stan, who happens to talk and blog. Bennett's a pompous psychologist and published author. Everybody sees through him, including his wife of one year, Ellen (Beth Littleford), and Stan.

No program aimed at 8-year-olds needs to explain why a dog can think, talk and blog. And wisely, "Dog" doesn't try. We do get some cartoony flashbacks to previous owners who were driven to extremes by their experiences listening to Stan. And who wouldn't? As voiced by Stephen Full, Stan's an annoying, wisecracking machine. Avery's shrill precocity, the dog's Henny Youngman-


isms and a loud laugh track should drive every adult from the room. But kids of any age should find this hard to resist.

Viewers may recall Littleford as one of the original correspondents for "The Daily Show." She did a mean (in both senses of the word) Bar-bara Walters imitation. Her turn here is less caustic, and her jokes more broadly telegraphed. Her character, how-

ever, is the only member of the family who doesn't like Stan.

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