How bad is "Incredible Crew" (8 p.m., Cartoon Network)?

Let's just say "Incredible" requires us to sit through contrived bits featuring adolescents trying too hard to be comedians. And the first episode is called "Fart ing Grandpa." And there's a belabored comedy rap video.

There's a reason professional critics don't attend high school plays or grammar school musical

pageants and give them bad

reviews. It's pointless, cruel and beside the point. The kids have feelings -- and parents, who have feelings, too.

I'm sure the kids on "In credible" have parents. But since they're on a major cable network, taking up valuable space that should be assigned to cartoons, I figured I'd give them professional treatment.

"Incredible" is clearly inspired by online video clips. There's an emphasis on the silly and the loud. In fact, almost every short (but not short enough) sketch begins or ends with a screaming child or young adult. This might be an attention-getter if you're sifting through a billion piano-playing cats on YouTube, but it's painful to watch on what we used to call television.

I don't believe in torture, even if it worked on "24" and in "Zero Dark Thirty." But "In credible Crew" could be used in what they call "enhanced interrogation." Any adult (or, at least, those not directly related to the cast) subjected to this would break in about two


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