York native Anthony Carreira plans to celebrate his 24th birthday this weekend with some good beats.

The human beatbox who performs as Tony C will join other beatboxers from around the country for the first-ever beatboxer gathering in York from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday at The Shop at New Grounds Roasting Company.

Live music: The show will feature various artists performing human beatboxing and vocal percussion -- a musical genre that utilizes only the mouth as an instrument to make rhythmic percussion sounds. There will be showcase performances and collaboration jams between the artists.

In addition to the beatbox performances, the event will feature an open mic for local musicians, artists and poets. Raffles and special prizes-including a signed copy of the event's promotional poster, featuring Carreira ready for his birthday bash in a Hello Kitty party hat-are planned as well.

'Shut Your Mouth': Carreira has been practicing human beatboxing for more than a decade. Together with friend Ludovic Nicolaidis, better known as LethalFX, Carreira founded Shut Your Mouth and Beatbox, a group dedicated to building awareness of beatboxing and bringing beatboxers together in front of crowds of new and longtime fans alike. Both will be performing at Saturday's event.

Other artists who will be performing include Spencer Polanco, a featured artist on 2012 Vans Warped tour; JZizz, a musician and beatboxer from New Cumberland; Napom; Villan, a 15-year-old beatboxer from Bulgaria; Omni; Kenny Urban; Kaila Mullady; and Patrick Cucuta, a beatboxer and performing theater artist in New York City.

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Don't miss a beat: Shut Your Mouth and Beatbox presents "Tony C's Birthday Bash," a beatbox gathering, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday at The Shop at New Grounds Roasting Company, 284 W. Market St., York.

Tickets are $5-$10. The show is open to all ages.

To learn more about beatboxing, visit www.shutyourmouthandbeatbox.com. To connect with Tony C. or to purchase tickets, visit him on Facebook at facebook.com/TonyCBeatbox or facebook.com/TonyCMusic.