Mark Teahen went 0-for-4 in his York Revolution debut on Tuesday night.
Mark Teahen went 0-for-4 in his York Revolution debut on Tuesday night. (Randy Flaum photo)

There were probably some good reasons why the Arizona Diamondbacks no longer wanted Mark Teahen.

His numbers at the plate this season are far from impressive.

He's getting up there in age (31).

And although he's just two years removed from last playing in the big leagues, Teahen is also coming off an unproductive 2012 season in the minors.

So the D-Backs shipped Teahen, a 6-foot, 3-inch, 210-pound corner outfielder and infielder, from their Class AAA Reno affiliate to the Cincinnati Reds' Class AAA Louisville affiliate earlier this season.

The only problem was Louisville didn't want him, either. Teahen failed a physical despite having already played in more than a dozen games at Reno.

"I saw the team doctor and did all the standard exercises. He stretched my left arm and was like 'Oh, that's a little tight' and I was like 'Yeah, it's been a little tight for a couple days,'" Teahen said. "The next thing I know the physical was failed without looking at it (my arm) really. I had been playing the whole time. I really don't know (about the failed physical). That's something for the Reds to answer."

It's been one of those seasons for Teahen, who was released by the Texas Rangers' Class AAA Round Rock affiliate two weeks ago before officially joining the York Revolution on Tuesday.

Teahen, 31, comes to York after hitting a combined .198 in 106 total plate appearances in sporadic action (32 games) between Reno and Round Rock. This from a guy who has more than 800 games of experience in the majors.

"It's a matter of getting at-bats really," Teahen said of his struggles this year. "I had a good spring. I felt good coming out. I rolled my ankle and probably should've stayed off it a bit. But I wanted to play. You don't wanna say you're unhealthy. I was just playing on it. It wasn't a big issue."

A California native who has a nine-month-old son, Teahen admits there were thoughts of retirement after his release from the Rangers earlier this month. But his decision to keep playing is made a little easier because his wife and son travel with him during the season.

"Of course in a situation like that you think about it more than if you were in the middle of a contract in the big leagues or something," Teahen said Tuesday before York's series opener against Southern Maryland. "I don't know. I think at this point if you're gonna keep playing you have to go full bore and not be wishy-washy about it. I still got more baseball to play."

That's good news for a York club that has already been decimated by retirements this season. Four Revs players have decided to call it a career already this year, the latest being outfielder Jeff Fiorentino, who retired Tuesday.

"I'm still young enough and healthy and want to play the game," Teahen said. "Of course everyone wants to be playing in the big leagues. I've been fortunate enough to have played there for awhile. My wife is willing to travel across the country with me. So it's a fairly easy decision (to continue playing)."

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