The York Revolution is buying the radio station that broadcasts all of the team's games in time for the start of the 2014 season.

The York Professional Baseball Club LLC, owner and operator of the team, will purchase WOYK AM 1350 from WOYK Inc., the radio station's current licensee. The purchase is to be completed by April 1, according to a release from the baseball club.

The idea of the team purchasing the station was "floated out there" as something the organization would be equipped to do, said Paul Braverman, promotions and communications manager for the organization.

Braverman said the team is the most prominent feature of the organization, but the talented sales staff and other personnel put operating a radio station in its wheelhouse.

"When you put it all together, it was a challenge we can certainly handle," Braverman said.

In with the new: The station content will stay very similar to what devoted listeners expect, Braverman said. Darrell Henry will still be the voice of the York Revolution and York College basketball, and many of the other programs will stay the same.

But the company will undertake other initiatives to boost the audience. Braverman said the radio station hasn't had much of a web presence in the past, but the team plans to introduce a new website and create a social media presence to draw a larger listening base.

"There's a lot of ground to make up with promoting everything," Braverman said.


Though the baseball team will be a top priority, the spokesman said the team won't fill every program break with Revolution-centric advertising. But Braverman did acknowledge owning the station will be an easy way to increase the marketing of York Revolution and other local events.

The station also broadcasts York College athletics, York County high school sports contests and national sporting events through a membership with the NBC sports network.

Henry, the baseball broadcaster, will work as the station's general manager following the official change in ownership.

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